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CasCap Advisory works
closely with a range of stakeholder.


We have worked with a significant proportion of Australia’s first and second tier financiers as advisers, receivers, managers, voluntary administrators, and bankruptcy trustees.

As advisers, we help mitigate risk, protect assets, maximise opportunities, and help with complex litigation matters.

As receivers, we take control to identify exposures, mitigate risks, and deliver optimal commercial outcomes for secured creditors.

Company Directors

We work with directors of organisations to solve specific problems.

If engaged early enough, we can help restore financially challenged businesses and seek to reduce financial impacts. If a business turnaround is not possible, we can provide an orderly and tax-effective process to wind down a company.

We also provide independent advisory services to directors facing litigation, arbitration, and regulatory scrutiny.


CasCap Advisory acts on behalf of creditors throughout the insolvency process to protect their interests and manage their claims.

If you are having difficulties collecting money owed, you can appoint CasCap Advisory as either liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy. On appointment, we take control of the debtor’s assets, investigate, and report on all possible recoveries, and realise assets to maximise returns.

We also assist creditors with assessing terms of trade and the viability of their customers.


We routinely work with solicitors and their clients to restructure their businesses. We also regularly provide consents to act as liquidator to delinquent debtors.


Our business recovery and insolvency specialists work with accountants and their clients to address the causes of financial distress and develop optimal solutions.

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