Advisory Services

Navigate your sale, acquisition or partnership with confidence

Clients turn to us at CasCap Advisory when they are facing complex and high stakes disputes, litigations, and investigations. We have a reputation for highly skilled and specialist assistance that we use to tackle the most complex of situations. By channelling our decades of experience and business acumen, we provide expert accounting advice that can draw out the critical facts, quantify any loss suffered, and provide reliable valuations.

Dispute and litigation services

Our corporate transaction service helps businesses make the right strategic sale, acquisition, and partnership decisions.

We assist clients in maximising shareholder value achieved through business acquisition or sale. We provide support, critical insight, and advice to enable you to make informed decisions about key issues and can proceed with confidence in executing deals.

Buying a business

Having completed your strategic screening, initial analysis, and preliminary valuation, you may be ready to move forward on a potential acquisition. Our buy-side financial due diligence delivers you critical insights enhancing your understanding of the target business, its value on a stand-alone basis, and key-value drivers.

Related Services

  • Financial / valuation modelling including scenario analysis.
  • Sale and purchase agreement review.
  • Completion balance sheet review.
  • Post-acquisition shareholder disputes.

Selling a business

Our vendor due diligence service seeks to eliminate friction associated with selling a business, increasing certainty around price, and giving you greater control over the sale process.

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