Responsible Entity Services

Independent responsible entity, custodian and trustee services

Through Huntley Management Group and Castlereagh Capital, two separate Responsible Entity ASFL’s owned by the principals of CasCap Advisory, we provide independent Responsible Entity (RE), Custodian, and Trustee services.

Our services include –

  • Funds Management
    • Asset fund management.
    • Replacement RE.
    • Replacement investment manager of distressed asset funds.
  • Lending Services
    • Financial modelling, feasibility and sensitivity analysis.
    • Credit and risk analysis.
    • Project management of lending processes.
    • Sourcing of finance (senior, mezzanine and preference equity).
    • Pre-sales due diligence, compliance, and ongoing management.
  • Management Services.
    • Development options and analysis.
    • Leasing due diligence and tenancy reviews.
    • Strata and community title reviews.
    • Make-good analysis, negotiation and implementation.

How CasCap Advisory can help you

We build on our reputation as trusted advisors to help clients manage complex business challenges and deliver measurable outcomes. When you choose our responsible entity services, you can trust we will act honestly, diligently and in your best interest.

No matter your situation, we will provide you with professional advice, innovative solutions and exceptional service. When you’re facing uncertain times, you need to have the right team in your corner. Get in touch with the experts at CasCap Advisory today.

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