Business Recovery and Turnaround

Business recovery specialist with a history of success

At CasCap Advisory, we understand the different pressures that can create financial challenges for a business. Challenges that can leave businesses operating at a loss, owing creditors, and uncertain of the path ahead. We are here to provide clarity and direction, and if engaged early enough, can help businesses recover.

We are business recovery specialists that draw on our decades of experience and expertise to focus on business renewal. We look to minimise negative financial impacts, find ways to revive businesses, and create positive change. We reassess, plan, and rebuild, and exhaust all possible options to help turn a business around.

We take great satisfaction in helping businesses recover. Depending on the circumstances, we will suggest either a formal insolvency appointment or an informal turnaround management service.

Turnaround Management Services

We help financially challenged businesses avoid insolvency and recover. We also help financially viable businesses that are looking for better ways to manage their operations and improve their financial health.

Our services include –

  • Business review and advisory
    This can include complete independent reviews of operations and comprehensive health checks to determine market position, critical issues, and opportunities for continuity and growth. We also provide specific reviews for business owners, financiers and other stakeholders to assist strategic decision-making..
  • Due diligence for acquisition or sale
    Our due diligence services provide the necessary compliance and assurance when buying or selling a business. We help to assess whether the potential benefits of a deal outweigh the risks.
  • Informal arrangements
    As an alternative to administration or liquidation for financially distressed businesses, these may include a repayment agreement or limited moratorium between the distressed business and its creditors.

Voluntary Administration Services

Voluntary administration offers breathing space to insolvent or financially distressed businesses, so they can reorganise their financial affairs and potentially save their business. CasCap Advisory has extensive experience in formal voluntary administration appointments across many industries.

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